Everything You Need To Know About Thailand’s Visa-On-Arrival

Before giving more information, I think the first thing to know about the countries which get the extra privilege of getting a Visa-On-Arrival. Currently, The Kingdom of Thailand has given special Visa-On-Arrival status to 28 countries around the world, which are as follows

  1. Australia
  2. The kingdom of Bhutan
  3. The republic of Bulgaria
  4. The people’s republic of China
  5. The republic of Cyprus
  6. Czech republic
  7. Estonia
  8. Federal democratic republic of Ethiopia
  9. The republic of Fiji
  10. Georgia
  11. The republic of Hungary
  12. The republic of India
  13. The republic of Kazakhstan
  14. The principality of Liechtenstein
  15. The republic of Malta
  16. The united Mexican states
  17. The republic of Nauru
  18. The sultanate of Oman
  19. Papua new guinea
  20. The republic of Poland
  21. Romania
  22. The Russian federation
  23. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  24. The Slovak republic
  25. The republic of Slovenia
  26. Taiwan – China
  27. The republic of Uzbekistan
  28. The republic of Vanuatu

These countries can avail visa at any international airport or Immigration Checkpoints in Thailand. These country people get 15 days tourist visa from Thai Immigration for ฿2000 & sometimes you can get visa for free depends on the month you are travelling.
The travelers who are from there countries should meet all the criteria required to get a Thai visa. The requirements is as follows

  • Visit is for tourism purpose only
  • Passport should be valid for at least 30 days.
  • A valid address of stay in Thailand (hotel booking etc)
  • A confirmed return air-ticket within 15 days period (Open tickets are not accepted).
  • At least ฿10,000 per person and ฿20,000 per family cash should be shown (This excludes visa charges)

Tips to make it smooth

The visa on Visa-On-Arrival at airports take time and if you want to make it little quicker, then these tips might help you.

  • Submit your visa form online and print it well before going to Thailand
  • Keep all the required document in a file and hold it in your hand
  • Carry a small pouch with your cash money and hold ฿2000 for visa ready
  • Carry a pen
  • Smile at the immigration officer

However, if you are not eligible to enter Thailand under the VISA ON ARRIVAL and VISA EXEMPTION RULE then you can obtain visas with the Royal Thai Embassy prior to your visit.

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