Different Means to Travel from Bangkok to Pattaya

Travelling from Bangkok can be done in various ways, and surprisingly, there are some fun elements to it as well. If you are budget conscious, then you can find a cheap ride, but if you have more money, then you can enjoy your ride differently. Let me list out all the means you can take to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya.

Airport Bus

Airport Bus is one of the best and the cheapest option to travel from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya. Around 160 Baht can earn a seat inside the air-conditioned bus. The bus stops at main spots like North, Central and South Pattaya on Sukhumvit Road and Jomtien Beach.

Metered Taxi

The Metered Taxi from Bangkok Airport has official pricing of 1050 baht plus 60 baht as express charges (whatever that means). You can take this taxi straight to your hotel without any trouble. The downfall of the Metered Taxi is communication in English. They do not understand you, and you can never understand them. Of course, not all but most of them cant speak English. They only time they speak English is when they ask you for some tips saying “No Tips”.

Taxi Services

There are a couple of taxi services which are also available driven by smart women and their family members. Let me warn you that these women are not prostitutes they are hard-working women. The service taxi’s charge you 1200-1500 depending on car size. You can also hire a Mini Van if you are travelling in groups.

Devil’s Den Bus

The Devil’s Den is a fully customized adult luxury bus. A great start to Pattaya fun starts with this bus journey. The Devil’s Den bus will pick you up from the airport with one or two escorts depending on your preference. It takes around one and half hours to travel to Pattaya, and you are the director of it. You can do everything inside the bus which has blacked-out windows, curtains and glass privacy screen. The price starts at 12000 baht and goes up to 18000 baht depending on various factors.

Limo/ Luxury Cars

The next level pickup is the Limo from Bangkok to Pattaya. The shiny White Stretch Limousine will make you feel like a movie star. The Limo services also offer fast checkout, a personal chauffeur and a champaign bottle inside. The price starts at 4500 baht way up to 18000 baht.


There is also a Helicopter service from Bangkok to Pattaya. A few minutes of a Helicopter ride to Pattaya is fun and quick. The Helicopter service starts at 32000 baht and it is worth it.

Transfer with Bodyguard

Have you ever felt like a boss? If not, then there are services in Thailand which offer you an armed Bodyguard on Bike who will provide Easy Pass-through Traffic. The services start at 16000 baht.

Private Police Escort

Even though this is not openly advertised, Private Police Escort from Bangkok to Pattaya is possible and fun. Imagine you being escorted by 4 policemen on bikes is something to be experienced. The service price starts from 12000 baht for just one Police escort and higher for the number of policemen you fancy.

So what do you fantasize? Which means would you pick?

Comment your answers below!

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