Do you want to travel to Pattaya, Thailand and be more than just another tourist? I am sure, you just wanna blend in with the Thai people or maybe you would like to date a Thai woman. Learning the Thai language becomes a boon as most of Thailand speaks only Thai and not English. It is also a great asset for those who want to get the most out of their stay in Pattaya, Thailand and also helps you build a better relationship with the locals. To be very frank, the Thai language is fun to learn and easy too. 

Basic Thai Phrases & Words

HelloสวัสดีSa-wat dee
Thank YouขอบคุณKhop Koon
SorryขอโทษKhor Tort
Noไม่Khor tort
Cannotไม่ได้mai dai
Never mindไม่เป็นไรmai pen rai
FineสบายดีSabai dee
Note: Always use khrap if you are a male and kha if you are a female at the end of every word above example: Sa-wat dee Khrap/ Sa-wat dee kha

The basic words above will help you a little while you are in Thailand as these are words commonly used by everyone and enough to impress anyone. The words above will come in handy therefore practice the translations and I am sure you will find it very easy.  

So the next step is to learn some of the lesser-used words but very important and comes in handy every time. To be very frank, the lesser-known words will help you more coz I myself had a very crazy experience and the words below helped me find my way.

Foodภักษาหารpac sahan
Airportสนามบินsanaam bin
Toiletห้องน้ำhong naam
Smallนิดหน่อยnit noi
Iceน้ำแข็งnaam keng

So go ahead, learn & speak the Thai language. Your efforts will surely amuse, and maybe even impress some Thai people.

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