Innocent Thai Words Having Dirty English Meanings

Have you had an experience when you overhear 2 Thai people talking and suddenly you crank up when they use a funny English word? You are not alone. As foreigners in Thailand, we always do this and sometimes it’s embarrassing for us. It can also happen that you are completely unaware that those dirty English words have a very innocent Thai meaning to it. We have listed down a couple of dirty English yet innocent Thai words.

Fuk! Fuktong! Fukmeaw! Fukmee!!!

I am sure you just giggled after reading that but Fuk is the most common Thai word. Fuk in Thai refers to any kind of gourd or squash. Tong means pumpkin and meaw means chayote. The best one is Fukmee, but in thai it only means something like ‘having enough gourd’.

Lots of Porn

Thai people usually have long names but they make it short and say to foreigners only because it’s very hard to pronounce. It is good that they hide their real names coz some of them will have the word “porn” in them. Hilariously porn in Thai means blessing or a wish. So to speak, haiporn means monk and the blessing you ask from them is called as korporn. There are many other words which have pornPornpiss – Piss is actually pronounced pid but they usually spell it as Piss and it means full of blessings.Tossaporn – means men blessingsPornthip- means splendid blessing

Tits Everywhere

Although you might see a lot of tits around Pattaya but in Thai, tits literary means directions. There are other meanings also like Atit means Sun and wanatit means Sunday

Beautiful Thong

Thong means colourful metal, usually referred to as gold. This word is combined with other Thai words to fill meaning to it. Words like o-gart-thong (Golden Opportunity), seingthong (golden voice), wai thong (menopause or moody woman) can be heard across Thailand.

Other casual Words

Choke dee – means Lucky
Bang on – means Pretty Lady. So next time before you bang on say Bang on.
55555- means hahaha ok – means like saying “knock”

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