A Guide to Thailand SIM Card, Networks, Mobile Phones and Phone Numbers

Travelling to Thailand is a flight ticket away but knowing about smaller things makes a big difference. Even though this is a very general topic many people do find it difficult to understand, a few things about SIM Card or Networks might help you take out your stress. This article is just a small attempt to make it easier for you.

SIM Card

Thailand offers travel SIM cards at a very cheap rate. You can buy them at the airport or any 7-Eleven around. The travel SIM card is 3G/4G which is suitable for any smartphone. There are three network SIM Cards you can buy namelyAIS – One of the largest service provider and my favourite network because of its broad network coverage. Know as ‘Advanced Info Services’ AIS provides the best 4G network around Pattaya.TrueMove H – TrueMove H is the second largest company in Thailand. It offers cheap internet plans for those who are looking for a cheap price.dtac – Not a big company as such but it offers great service and cheap tariff for the internet.

Top Up

My first to Pattaya was difficult as I was not aware of where to get Top Up for my AIS sim card. I couldn’t get much help from google so somehow I started looking out for the Top-Up. You can buy it at 7-Eleven or family mart. Using it might be difficult, just ask the staff to help you out.

Will Your Phone Work In Thailand?

It depends on your mobile device. If you are carrying a phone which is unlocked then you can easily use your phone. If it is not an unlocked phone then you might get it unlocked before you enter Thailand.

New Phones

So finally you reach Thailand but somehow you have a locked phone or you lose your phone. Do not worry, Thailand offers some great mobile phones for less price.

Requirements to buy a SIM Card

It is very important to carry a passport to buy any SIM Card in Thailand. The government law requires you to identify yourself before you could use any kind of communication devices even though this doesn’t imply to ‘Free WiFi’.
Hope I have covered all the elements you are looking for.

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