A Guide to Plugs and Sockets in Thailand

Plugs and Sockets are different from different countries and knowing about them is very important, particularly when you are travelling to another country for the first time. Charging your phone might not require the necessary plugs as most of the charges fit the socket. However, if you are carrying a laptop then, it would be a big problem.

Electricity In Thailand

Thailand Wall Outlet Voltage: 220V Thailand Power Plug Types: A, B, and C

Travel Adapter

Travel Adapter comes in handy when travelling to any foreign countries. They are inexpensive, useful and doesn’t need much space to fit in your tiny bag.

Where to buy a travel adapter in Pattaya?

I did forget the adapter last time, and it was chaotic. The local 7-elevens or family mart do not have such kind of adapters nor any of the big malls. However, the supermarkets do sell travel adapters, and it might cost 150-300 baht.


  1. Ask the hotel staff for the adapter, they might have.
  2. Pattaya wall outlets run on the 220V electricity. Check your device if it is suitable.
  3. Buy a universal travel adapter.

Happy Travelling!

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