A Guide to African Bar Girls, Black Freelancers and their Prices in Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya offers everything, from drunken pleasures to delicious food. Everything also includes local girls, white or Russian girls and even African Black girls. You can choose which colour or shape you want in Pattaya but if you to be smart to find them. It is not easy to find African Black girls (who are mostly from Uganda and Madagascar) for sex in Pattaya but not to worry, this article will help you.

Bar Girls

The easiest way to find an African girl is, of course, beer bars. Even though there are not a lot of African girl bars in Pattaya, you can find a couple on Walking Street. Cost of an African girl is similar to that of a Thai girl.


African freelancers are rare in Pattaya, but you can find them in clubs like Club 808 or iBar. I have seen a couple of African freelancers at Insomnia Bar on Walking Street. The prices start from 1000 baht way up to 3000 baht.

Online Dating Services

Even though I have not spotted many on dating sites/ apps but there are few for sure. You can check them out on Thai-Friendly or Tinder but not sure.


I have never picked up any African girls till now, so these tips are from those who have

  • Hygiene – Many have said that African Girls do not keep themselves very hygienic. Showering is essential for sure.
  • Rough – The women are a little rough in everything including sex, so watch out.
  • Fight – African black women are strong and can kick you black and blue. So do not pick any fight with them.


Do not pick up any African Women and go directly to your hotel. It is better to take a short time hotel. I might be sounding very racist, but this is the main tip given by ex-pats.