A Guide To Russian And European Working Bar Girls And Freelancers in Pattaya, Thailand

There are a lot of Russian And European girls in Pattaya but remember, not all white girls are freelancers or bar girls. I have seen many men stalking and asking white women for sex on Walking Street. For first-timers, it is challenging to identify working women from tourists. So for all, you first-timers here is a simple guide to identifying Russian And European working girls, the price you pay and what all you can expect.
Russian And European girls in Pattaya are pretty hot. They are tall, fair and sleek. Almost all of them look like models and costs like models. Russian are usually from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan and European girls are mostly from middle Europe.
Finding freelancers might be a little difficult but, it’s easy to find Russian And European bar girls. There are many Russian And European bars in Pattaya and particularly on Walking Street. These clubs have pretty model-like girls but expensive. The bars are also costly, and it’s worth it.

So where to find Russian And European Freelancers?
Russian And European Freelancers usually do not stand in Beach Road. However, you can find them at local discos like Insomnia, Mixx Discotheque and surprisingly Nashaa Club. Russian And European Freelancers are popular among Indians and Arabs, therefore, finding them at Indian discos are common.

How much they charge?

Russian or European girls bar girls charge around 2000-4000 baht for just one hour, and longtime charges may go up to 8000 baht. For a pole dance, you will be charging around 1000 baht per a private dance. I know you can get four girls a long time for that rate but, if you want a model look-a-like then, you need to pay her big. Frankly, negotiations don’t work with bar girls. The clubs are expensive too.
Drinks: 300-350 Baht for one beer.
Bar Fines: 3000-5000 Baht.

If you find Russian freelancers on Beach Road, then the prices you can expect is
Short Time: 3000-4000 Baht.
Long Time: 5000 Baht- 7000 Baht.

The Russian chicks from clubs price you
Short Time: 4000-6000 Baht.
Long Time: 6000 Baht- 8000 Baht.

A small tip: On top Hilton hotel, later 9 PM you can find some single Russian or European girls who are quietly looking for some boom boom. Best of luck!

The demand keeps on growing for Russian And European girls in Pattaya but they are limited, therefore, expect the prices to go more up.

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